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85 Delancey Street
New York, NY


About Le Collektor

Hoodies with interchangeable hoods designed by artists. At the intersection of streetwear and street art.

A new form of self-expression
& a stylish way to s(up)port your favorite artists

We're turning the rarefied world of art collecting on its head by attaching art to everyone's favorite everyday gear — the hoodie — so creative people everywhere can become curators, collektors, and patrons of the arts. 

In New York City, you can't escape art. It's everywhere. From the brick walls of the Bronx to the white walls of Chelsea galleries. We wanted a new way to bring to the streets the powerful ideas, conversation, and beauty of that art, while connecting the artists to their biggest fans. Changing up a streetwear classic transforms our collektors into movable galleries that walk, skate, ride, dance, and make. And collektors create endless possibilities for the artists: 10% of the price of every artist-designed piece goes directly to our artist collaborators. 

Join us in building a new kind of art market! 


about us

The three of us are art lovers working in New York City. Amisha Patel* is a designer and social entrepreneur who once went to law school to be an art dealer. David R Head Jr is an artist and freelance art director who got his start plastering Austin and Chicago with his screen printed punk rock posters. Rishi Patel* is a tech entrepreneur and a hoodie aficionado who once painted a very provocative portrait of his favorite blue suede shoes.   

* Amisha and Rishi are not married or related. They're just friends who share a very common Indian last name.